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The management and employees of Sushi & Sake thoroughly enjoy seeing the delight on diners’ faces after tasting their first bite of delicious sushi. With such a wide variety of sushi offerings available, there is bound to be something that satisfies all tastes and preferences. Customers love the prices, too!

Sushi is a traditional Japanese fare that is, basically, a rice roll made with tasty ingredients. All ingredients, except for the cooked rice, are raw. Preparation requires special equipment, a bamboo sheet, and specialized skill. The three sushi chefs here have a knack for it that amazes and inspires diners!

All sushi ordered in this eatery comes with a serving of complementary tasty miso soup. Miso, a fermented soybean paste, is a staple in Asian meal plans and has many healthful benefits.

Take a look at the enticing menu and find over 30 varieties of sushi offered. That alone is an impressive assortment that is bound to please diners with all taste palates and preferences. The Spicy Tuna Roll and the classic California Roll are all-time favorite standards. It never grows old with diners ranging from children to adults. Kids love the Pizza Roll, which is unique to this family-oriented sushi restaurant.

Come sit at the sushi bar and enjoy a real-life culinary experience. Children and adults love this feature! Adults can sip on some sake. Many make it a part of their dining out ritual and come back time and time again!

Stop by Sushi & Sake when in the Albuquerque, NM area and find out why not all sushi is created equally. No one does sushi better!