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Sushi & Sake loves introducing people in the Albuquerque, NM area to the wonders of Korean food. There is a special technique involved when preparing tasty and nutritious Korean food. Be assured that this Korean restaurant employs chefs that are highly trained in this unique cuisine.

Many people equate Korean food with Korean BBQ. There is a reason for this. Korean BBQ is tasty, satisfying, and less greasy than standard American barbeque. In fact, the Korean BBQ is one of the more popular menu items offered by this reputable eatery.

Kimchee is a popular Korean food item. This dish is not for the faint of heart. Kimchee is fermented cabbage. The fermentation spices are very strong and powerful. This dish has a reputation for making eyes water, throats itch, and sinuses clear. Many diners come from miles away just to experience this culinary delight!

Diners can order a Korean specialty plate. A plate includes a main dish like bulgogi, a marinated sliced tender loin; kalbi, marinated beef short ribs; or a variety of spiced delights. Spicy chicken, pork, and squid are flavorful options. All plates come with steamed rice and a side dish. Try the chopchae or the seafood pancake. They are the best in town!

Large steaming stone pots are commonly associated with Korean food. Diners love how the pot full of tasty food is brought to the table with the contents still bubbling. Known as bibimbap, the pot is filled with steamed rice, assorted vegetables, a chosen protein like pork or chicken, and served with a sunny-side egg on top.

For those wanting to spice up their culinary repertoire in the Albuquerque, NM area, Sushi & Sake is the place to go for superb Korean food. Pay a visit sooner rather than later!