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Sushi & Sake has developed a powerful reputation for serving the highest quality, tastiest Japanese food in the Albuquerque, NM area. Known for being the best Japanese restaurant around town, customers continually remark about how enjoyable and enlightening every visit is. This eatery offers Japanese dining at its best!

Japanese cuisine is a mystery to many people. The owners discovered that fact and went out of their way to develop a well-rounded menu that offers something for adults and children alike.

Traditional Japanese foods found in this exciting and tasty cuisine include sushi, tofu (soybean curd), edamame (soybean), salmon, yakitori, gyoza, and more. The expert wait staff and chefs here can provide more information about the menu items and answer any questions diners may have.

Tempura is a popular cooking method for all types of Japanese food. It involves lightly coating foods like vegetables, shrimp, and other seafood with a specialized batter. The foods are then fried to bring out magnificent tastes. Tempura cooked foods are far less greasy than the American-style deep fried cooking many people are used to. Ask the chefs for more information about this process, if desired.

Speaking of talking with the chefs, this eatery employs chefs who have a passion for sharing the wonderments of their dishes with diners. Their passion is contagious!

No adult Japanese food meal is complete without sake. Sake, an Asian rice wine, can be served cold or warm. Traditionally, this beverage is served warm to add extra pizzazz and tastiness. Diners can purchase a glass or bottle. The beverage is served with the meal.

Experience the best Japanese food in the Albuquerque, NM area by visiting Sushi & Sake. Do it while it is fresh on the mind!